Chef job positions in Indian hospitality industry

All thanks to technology, The hospitality sector has become one of the most flourishing sectors in India that have attracted more job aspirants today than a few decades ago. People choose to jump in Hospitality job positions like Chef, Tourism, Cafe etc instead of slogging in their current monotonous jobs. With chef becoming one of the lucrative and respected jobs in the hotel industry, there is no shortage of job opportunities available in this sector. Therefore, here are some of the chef positions available in the hospitality industry to help you to climb the ladder of kitchen hierarchy.

Origins of Chef titles
In the 19th century, Chef Georges Auguste Escoffier created this name based chef system with a kitchen hierarchy so as to operate the kitchen system effectively and remove communication gap. Post this, many restaurants have adopted this naming system to make the kitchen operations run smoothly.

Executive chef
The role of the executive chef is to control and manage the kitchen and its staff. Being an Elite position in the hospitality industry, some of the roles include recruiting and managing the staff, delegate tasks to his/her subordinates, display a professional and positive look to its customers, making sure that the food is prepared in a hygienic environment.

Sous chef
The sous chef reports to the executive chef and makes sure that the employees working under sous chef are working properly and deliver customer satisfaction. The sous chef uses his culinary and managerial skills to check whether the food is made or cooked with hygienic ingredients. The sous chef acts as a point of contact with the kitchen supervisors and its staff. Another role of the sous chef is to handle the emergency situation in a temperament manner.

CDP (Chef De Partie)

As the name itself sounds fancy, the role of CDP is to assist Executive and Sous chef in preparing dishes that cater to the customer’s taste. Moreover, the CDP makes sure that there are adequate ingredients and stocks available to cook dishes and ensure customer satisfaction. To qualify as a CDP, one should be graduated from culinary school or have a diploma in culinary studies.

The role of all the Commis chef is to organize, prepare, measures and mixes ingredients according to recipe to prepare soups, salads, gravies, desserts, sauces, and casseroles. Works in various galley stations that prepare meat, fish, vegetables, and other foods for baking, roasting, broiling, grilling, braising, sauteing and steaming. Perform multitask activities such as wash, peel, cut and shred fruits and vegetables.

There are 3 types of COMMI Chef – 

Commi 1 Chef (First Cook):Supervises Commis 2 and Commis 3 (second and third cooks). Food preparation and cooking responsibilities as directed by the CDP (Chef De Partie).Possibilities for promotion to CDP (Chef De Partie)
Commi 2 Chef (Second Cook): Food preparation and cooking responsibilities as directed by the Commis 1 and CDP (Chef De Partie).Possibilities for promotion to Commi 1 ( First Cook).
Commi 3 Chef( Third Cook): Food preparation and cooking responsibilities as directed by the Commis 1 and Commis 2.Possibilities for promotion to Commi 2 ( Second Cook).

Pastry Chef
One of the few chef jobs that involve wearing creative hats, the role of Pastry Chef involves making the tastiest bakery items and give a great customer experience. Moreover, the role also involves decorating, icing and placing toppings in the bakery foods to display the best customer experience. Finally, the pastry chef makes sure that the foods are made with a clean and hygienic environment for the safety of the customers.

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