Did you know about these cool jobs in the restaurant industry?

What comes to your mind when you think of job roles in a restaurant – a chef, bartender, server and manager? The food industry has evolved and is the trendiest industry today. 

The food connoisseurs have paved the way for some new and off-beat jobs in the restaurant industry. If you are someone looking to make a career in this industry, there are many roles that you could explore.

Let’s look at some cool jobs in the restaurant industry:

1.    Appliances and technology director

Doesn’t sound like a restaurant job role, right? The technological advancement in the kitchen appliances has created a new position in the industry – Appliances and Technology Director (ATD). The ATD is the first person to test and understand the functioning of a new appliance. Such appliances help the kitchen staff do their work better, faster, and more easily. 

2.    Sommelier

Love your wine? Restaurants and lounges hire sommeliers to serve the wine connoisseurs who like to know their wine, and it takes more than just opening the bottle right to please them. If you are someone who knows their wine well, this job could be fun.  

3.    Barista

Cafe and coffee culture has taken an altogether a different leap with several coffee lovers turning into coffee connoisseurs. These folks love to know not only about the beans but also how they are grown and processed. This has led to ample opportunities for a candidate aspiring to be a barista. 

4.    Barback

Barback is an assistant or helper to the bartenders, who helps them in preparing for their cocktails. Though barbacks do not have a license to serve alcohol, they can get creative with the mocktails requests.

5.    Busser

Busser is the Batman at a restaurant who appears out of nowhere to refill glasses or clean tables when a server is not around. Bussers are discreet and out of sight and appear only to manage urgent situations.

6.    Expediter

An expediter is a person who serves as a bridge between the dining area and kitchen in a restaurant. Traditionally this role is fulfilled by the restaurant manager or the head chef, but many restaurants today prefer having a designated expediter around.

7.    Pastry Chef

The head or main chef is no more responsible for everything that is being cooked and baked in a restaurant. Baking is an art, and baking pastries is no joke. Restaurants are hiring professional pastry chefs to fill in the role.

8.    Short Order Cook

It is not every day that people have free time to enjoy a meal at a restaurant. When there’s a time crunch, the short order cooks step in. They specialise in comfort food and are often found in the front open cooking area of the restaurant.

9.    Mycologist

Mycologists are the ones who study mushrooms. There is a vast range of fungi that are used for a variety of purposes. Most of these varieties are poisonous. Restaurants are hiring mycologists to assist them in choosing the best variety of mushrooms for their customers.

10.    Molecular gastronomist

This is where science meets the art of cooking. This line of cooking is meant for chefs who want to take their cooking to a new dimension. This is a modernist cuisine which uses physics and chemistry to experiment with the taste and texture of food.

11.    Food stylist

Cooking good food is not enough. Plating and presentation of food are as important as the taste. This culture has made space for food stylists in the industry. The focus of food stylists is on the aesthetics of a dish rather than its taste.

12.    Food photographer

The explosion of social media (did anyone hear Instagram?) has made food photography so popular that restaurants are hiring dedicated professionals to up their social media game.

The food industry is perhaps one of the most exciting industries today with a wide range of exciting and cool jobs that allows people to capitalise on their talent and skills. Are you ready?

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