How to Build a Successful Career in the Hospitality Industry in India

One would think that it’s the access to working anywhere in the country or having the most luxurious and scenic workplaces that lure so many into the exciting field of hospitality, right? But it’s not just the obvious perks. 

Wanting to build a career in this industry is a great career path. Rosy benefits aside, you have to introspect to understand if you have a few basic requirements to grow in this field. It demands patience, the ability to keep calm under high-pressure situations and excellent time management skills. You have to be an expert multi-tasker and a smooth talker, not to mention the skillsets you must possess, such as knowing a native language. 

If you are interested in a career in hospitality, then here’s what you need to do to build a successful career in the hospitality industry –  

Evaluate your educational qualifications 

Where are you in your educational journey? Are you looking to plan your career in hospitality by securing the required educational qualifications, or, are you planning to switch fields? Either way, you will need to start from the graduate level. You need to build your career after the 12th grade. You will need a minimum of 50% in whatever field you choose in the 12th grade. After this, you need to study a course in hotel management. Again, the options are quite versatile so do your research. If you’ve just passed out of 12th grade, then it makes sense to do a Bachelors in Hotel Management, or Tourism Management. Within this, you can choose to specialize in cruise management, aviation or events. If you’re already mid-career and are looking to switch streams, then it makes sense to explore your options with a diploma or a certificate course. In case you are already mid-career in the field of hospitality but are looking to branch out into something else, consider a post-graduation which will open up a lot of opportunities such as being a manager at a restaurant, hotel or cruise. 

Ponder about your place in the hospitality industry 

Introspect to find your place in this vast field. If you decide that, for example, you love wine and cheese, then a course in food science may be perfect for you. You know those jobs that sound too good to be true – such as wine tasters or chocolate tasters, they exist and are exciting avenues to enter! If you love to travel, then a masters in tourism can land you a dream job of being a travel guide. If you’re a meticulous planner and love to get things done, you can find a firm footing in a travel agency. The options are abundant, and you just need to figure out what you want to do.

Get some experience under your belt 

Did you know that the InterContinental Hotel Group is opening 39 new hotels in India over the next 12 months? What’s more, is that they plan to have 150 operating hotels within the next three years! So what does all this mean for the hospitality industry? Ample opportunity! So, for all you enterprising candidates out there who are open to working while you study, apply for internships, look for training programs, with the entry of so many new ventures it’s not hard to find internships for students. 

Pick a mentor 

A mentor is so important in a high-pressure industry because there’s no such thing as a “typical day at work” in the hospitality industry. You will learn a lot in college, but you will learn the most on the job. Your everyday experiences will mold you into an excellent professional, as long as you are guided in the right direction. Which is why you should have someone who’s experienced in the industry as your mentor, so that you have a brain to pick when you feel lost. 

Picking a mentor is also important. If you’re still studying but are looking for advice from a professional, consider the role of the mentor, it should match with your 10-year goals. It’s important to pick the right mentor because their experience will vary. 

Hone those soft skills 

To make it big in hospitality, you will thrive with people skills. While you’re still in school, master activities that build decisiveness, organization, and communication. Attend team building workshops, maybe get certified with your language skills. Also, in a land which speaks 22 languages and hundreds of dialects, remember that you will be expected to know a minimum of three languages. Anything above this number is a huge bonus.

The key to planning any career is to simply backtrack. Where would you like to see yourself eventually? The tourism and hospitality industry in India is bursting with opportunity, so if you want to secure a spot in this space, remember to always plan ahead.