The 6 Useful Ways to Make Your Hospitality Resume Stand Out

Tourism and hospitality industry in India is booming over the last decade. A survey by the India Brand Equity Foundation predicts we can expect the number of international tourist arrivals in India to reach 30.5 million by 2028. Another report by CARE Ratings expects the hotel industry in India to grow by at least 7-9% in the current year. It even states that the hospitality industry is gradually becoming one of the important driving factors of the services sector, and therefore, the country’s economy on the whole. As a result, more and more students are finding greater prospects in pursuing hospitality management courses. 

The benefits of pursuing a career in hospitality management

The primary benefit of choosing a career in hospitality management is the ease of employment at the entry-level. While you may face great difficulties to get a job without any prior experience in other sectors, you can easily get employed in the hospitality sector after successfully completing your course and an initial training process. Moreover, the hospitality industry in India has more to offer than any other sector. There is no limit to what you can achieve through diligence and hard work. Lastly, if you love to travel, you may get endless opportunities to fulfil your dreams of travelling without any extra investment. Yes! It is a part of the job. 

However, as you gain experience, and wish to make a serious career in the hospitality industry, one of the foremost things that you need to do is create a resume that stands out from the crowd. Keep scrolling to get some tips on that. 

6 Useful Tips to Create an Eye-Catching Hospitality Resume

  • Create a definite job objective – It is advisable to curb the desire to apply for multiple positions with a single resume. Instead, create a specific job objective and emphasise it on your resume like, ‘Seeking the position of a supervisor in the catering department’, or ‘Looking for event management jobs in hotels and on cruises’. The more specific your job objective is, the greater the chances for you to get recruited. Most of the recruiters look for experts in specific departments, and not a ‘jack of all trades’, which is next to impossible. 
  • Focus on the layout – The resume should be easy to read with white spaces wherever necessary and special emphasis should be given to the font type and its size. If required, seek professional help to aesthetically fit the resume in not more than two pages. 
  • Keep the resume short and specific – Once again, specifics are important to help the recruiters take a final call. If you have any prior experience, mention the brands. It is important for your potential employers to know that you have worked with renowned people in the industry. Keep the resume short, specific with a strong summary of your previous job role, highlighting your responsibilities as well as your achievements. 
  • Emphasise on the quality of service – In the hospitality industry, the quality of service is everything that determines your expertise in any given field. It is advisable to take notes and appreciations from your customers whom you have satisfied with your services and keep a record of those testimonials to add in your resume. That will create a big impact on the potential recruiter. 
  • Use bullets to list job responsibilities – Instead of describing every job role in detail, it is better to use bullets to highlight your main job responsibilities. This makes it easy to read. Moreover, do not forget to mention courses that you have completed and the training you undertook, also in bullets, in your resume. 
  • That personal touch – The hospitality recruiters not only look for skills, training and experience, but they give equal importance to the attitude and personality of a candidate. These are some of the crucial qualities to make a career in the hospitality industry. Therefore, make sure you add a personal message to your resume that will help them get an idea about your personality. 

If you wish to get a prospective job in the hospitality industry, you should give your resume the best shot, so that it is shortlisted by your potential employers. A decent, comprehensive and factual resume, will not only give them an idea about your academic qualifications or professional experience, but also your overall personality, which plays an important role while selecting candidates. Wish you all the best!