Tips to land your dream restaurant job

There is a saying “ Love your job so that you don’t have to work all life.” But in today’s world, the majority of the people are working in different sectors and not in their dream industry. Indian restaurant industry is one of the fastest growing in the world and so is the restaurant job opportunities. Many restaurants offer skilled positions that pay attractive salary. Today, we will explore the tips on how to find your dream job in the restaurant industry.

Explain your strengths in the interview
Explore your strengths and achievements in your previous job and find out how it is going to help in your dream job. Achievements like you won an award in cooking competition or handled a leadership role in your previous job will give you confidence in getting hired. If you don’t know your strengths and haven’t achieved anything. Don’t worry! you can work as an intern, explore different departments in the hospitality sector and find out your strengths and gain exposure.

Know about your role model and get inspired  
When you are nervous about taking the first step, get inspired from your role models who have successfully got their dream job. Take inspirations from Chef Sanjeev Kapoor or Vikas Khanna, know their game plan and their roadblocks and how they achieved their dream job despite obstacles. Being closely connected with the news of your role model will keep your motivation going up consistently.

Enroll yourself in Short term courses
Thinking about studying a course that will land you in the dream industry? Enrol in inexpensive short term courses. You have a lot of tools and websites like Coursera, Skillshare where you can learn about trying a new meal or gain exposure about the news in the hotel industry. Learning to make new dishes and enrolling in any courses will make you put your feet ahead of landing your dream job.

Start a blog/vlog on food to get hired faster
Find out what type of dream job you need and start posting your passion, stories and videos. If you love cooking, then start a YouTube channel to build curiosity about creating a new dish and if you love to be in a Management position, you can write articles about management in the restaurant business, Going this way will help you experiment, learn and become perfect. This also increases the chance to land your dream job. 

Using Technology
There is nothing in the world which can become a success without technology. There are online and freelance jobs available in the internet where you can apply and get hired at your finger tips.Using technology to find your dream job becomes easy and breaks the traditional way of job hunting. Our App Instahire is a technological platform where you can find and apply  your dream job in the hospitality industry. Join our app for free and skip the traditional way of job searching.

Do you know any tips on landing your dream job, share with us in the comment section below.